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One-2-One consulting

One-2-One Consulting

On the outset allow me to thank all the consultants who have joined or in the process of joining this initiative. A fantastic gesture to the sales community & SaleS AddA

The meetup as a format has theme, time and situation constraints. All questions and issues cannot be resolved by the sales expert at the meetup & some questions/issues remain unresolved.  Members have expressed their keen interest in meeting with the sales experts in one-2-one sessions

The initiative is targeted at individual sales professionals with sales, & career issues. Startups are welcome to take advantage of this initative too

The sales experts invited to speak at the SaleS AddA are from the corporate world or consulting in the corporate world, with constraints on their time. As part of their “giving back to community” endeavor some experts have agreed to share their time to assist SaleS AddA members. To bring some seriousness to the entire process, the engagements will be charged at INR1000/- for a 90-minute session. The money goes to SaleS AddA towards community building activities and not the experts. The process is explained below

Terms & Conditions apply

List of sales experts:  Click on link  


If your a sales professional and would like to mentor others in the sales community in the spirit of “giving back” please feel free to email at “

Buring issues:

If you have a burning issue or topic you would like for us to discuss in the meetup, feel free to reach out

The process (One-2-One consulting)

  1. Complete the form here (link)
  2. SaleS AddA would communicate with experts to schedule a meeting
  3. On confirmation, member would make the payment of INR1000/- to SaleS AddA
  4. If the sales expert so chooses, there may be an email /telecom exchange with the member to clarify the agenda
  5. Post meeting a feedback form would be shared with the members to take their inputs
  6. For whatever reason, if the member is unhappy with the session, one has the option of requestion for a refund   
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