Robotic Process Automation can be defined as logic-driven robots execute pre-programmed functions on data in a process. The bots can be used to automate simple tasks as responding to emails to managing  complex processes using other bots

RPA, helps businesses automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and decrease costs – that’s the typical outlook of RPA, perhaps a hangover from the other automation concept BPM

The true potential of RPA is how it has the power to affect customer experience, and this has nothing to do with the technology in itself

Customer Experience is not the responsibility of a small team, and it is not be confined to the customer service department. Some consider CX as a strategy.  It is, but it is also bigger then strategy. It is something embedded in the vision of the company. It is perhaps comparable to the life cycle of “quality”. At one time, quality was considered to be the domain of the Quality Department, & now quality is embedded in all actions of the organizations

For many organisations, CX would require a change in the DNA of the entire organization that is accomplished by the change in structure, policy, process, and culture with the strong support of the people. Easier said than done

One important variable in CX is “Process” and RPA can be a significant tool in enabling it

RPA does not inherently require any process re-engineering. The technology can mimic the steps or actions of the human so process flow could continue to remain at the status quo, but perhaps faster

How one applies RPA can the difference between incremental gain (i.e – will look good in the review) to monumental gains (i.e -we changed the market). This though inherently depends on the perception of the organization, namely – Operational or Inside view & the Customer Experience or External view

Typically the Operational view is increased efficiency. The focus is to ensure that the process works faster and harder to decrease cost. The effect on customer experience is mostly an afterthought because somebody from customer service or sales raised the issue

Customer Experience view begins and ends with the customer journey as the centerpiece. It may even lead to longer process ( in terms of steps in the workflow) but much more effective or better experience for the customer

The great way to understand if the organizational view is Operational or it is External (CX) is to better understand the data used to measure the success of RPA project.  In the case of Operational view – the data used to measure the success of an RPA project would typically be FTE (Full Time Employees) and time saved.  In the case of CX view, the success of the project is measured by the customer response to the automated process, for instance, CSAT

Some examples of RPA effecting CX

Information Search

Customers searching for information on product or service. Delay in replying with information could, at best, annoy the customer and at worse, encourage the customer to move the business elsewhere. The level of interaction could be as reactive as a prompt correct email response to an inquiry using an email BOT or  it could be more involved in the form of a ChatBOT



In an era where the customer uses multiple tools, including social media tools, to communicate, the organization should be in a position to seamlessly communicate across tools with the same message over time. A BOT is probably best suited for the job


In industries like Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, and more require compliance. This is both internal guidelines and the law of the land.

Effectively engaging the customer in communicating the compliance requirements, process steps, & status updates could be the difference between customer annoyance and customer delight.   Robot_customer service

Transaction time

Customer facing service agents in a car dealership, booking post-sales service support may have to look up multiple software to respond to queries or book a slot. This can be a frustrating experience for both the agent and the customer. An RPA solution could sync or even display data from a black box, so the agent can focus on the customer

The car dealership is an example of CX transaction issues that can be found across industries


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