Typical high value sales is based an RFP process. The buyer or customer decides the eventual outcome based on some kind of scoring system. The RFP process prevents the seller from challenging or enhancing the buyer’s Basis of Decision and in the modern context of the buyer having traversed 70% of  the process before inviting a vendor..there is no room for any “Aha moments” or “paradigm shift” :))


This means applying a method that enables engaging and winning customers in advance of completing (or even creating) ina commodity-style procurement contest (RFP). It is about creating your own new Value Proposition

Insight Sales would allow a sales team to break out of this commodity-based sales process

Insight sales prescribe that the sales person find that “Aha” value – an insight in the business (customer or industry) that has been overlooked and bring to the customer table. Subsequently co-labrate and partner with the customer to conceive, build and implement the solution


Design Thinking could play a crucial role in identifying that “Aha” value-add to the client.

The typical 5 step Design Thinking (DT) process is – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. Done right DT envelopes the 3C’s that are crucial to the success of Insight Sales process – Curiosity, Customer, Customer’s customer

Even before Empathy is – Curiosity. It is the cornerstone to DT & Sales. Curiosity as an innate itch to know the 5W1H  of the situation, customer, process, and experience. Additionally, the patience to keenly observe

Customer – Know your customer. Study your customer company, culture, structure, systems and most of all, know the people

Customer’s customer (CC) – is the reason “your customer” is in business. Know them well. If one could  find a way to serve the CC profitably or better, there will be no dearth of attention from the customer



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