Getting a call in the middle of a busy day is asking for the “concerned authority” is probably not something we all would enjoy. Majority of us hang up even as soon as we hear that line thinking it is again one of those sellers trying to sell us a credit card or asking us to buy an insurance policy. Hence it does not come to us as a surprise that the success rate of cold calling has fallen to a great extent.

It is difficult for sellers to even go beyond of a 30-second conversation with their respective clients, let alone actually selling them a product. According to a research by the Keller Center for Research of Baylor University, the success rate of cold calling is a sad 0.3%. Moreover, there are a lot of hassles related to cold calling. It is definitely very time consuming

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Further finding out the contact number of prospective clients is not a very easy task .Getting past the gatekeeper isn’t always possible. And as if these were not enough, most cold calls end up in voicemails and let’s be honest no one return a sales voice mail.

In such a circumstance, cold mails are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of factors are making companies choose cold mails over cold calling. To begin with:

  • Wider reach: Half of the world’s population has an email account in today’s age. Further, unlike cold calls where a majority of the population doesn’t even care to pick up the call, almost everyone checks their mail. Moreover, in the professional world emails are considered the best form of communication. Not only that, a mail doesn’t get deleted from your account unless you delete it yourself.
  • Convenience: One of the main advantages of cold email is , it doesn’t necessarily demand your immediate attention. So even if you are busy enough to not check a mail when you receive it, you can check it later as per your convenience. There is no such possibility in case of a cold call.
  • Time and resource effective: It is no secret that cold calling requires a lot of time and effort and most of the time that much time and resource doesn’t yield many productive results either. Cold emails on the other hand consume a lot less time and not to mention it much more cost-effective. It also doesn’t require much conversation skills on the part of the salesperson to send out emails, basic digital knowledge is sufficient.
  • It sets a base: Cold emails can be considered to be a base for setting up more direct contact with interested clients. It can be deduced that people who reply to cold emails are actually interested in the product or service that the company is trying to sell. Keeping in mind the response from the interested buyers, companies can set up more personal calls with them
  • Brand awareness: A very important aspect of cold mailing is that it increases brand awareness. When one tells the name of the company over a phone, it usually doesn’t make much of an impact, but when a prospective client sees the name of the company, its logo or catchphrase, it gets registered in his/her mind . There is also a possibility of the client sharing the mail with his/her family and friends and it definitely adds to the credibility of the brand

The above-given points bear evidence to the fact that cold emailing is one of the most preferred prospecting tools of companies today and it is proving itself to be more effective and more popular than cold calling. However, it is important to remember that writing a good cold email in order to make it stand out is also very important or else it will end being ignored by the prospective clients

As more and more companies are opting for cold emailing, there is a lot of competition in this sector. So in order to get responses from the client, the mail must be made effective, it can be done by paying close attention to the subject line, it should be personal or professional depending on the client it is being sent out to. The mail must be kept short and in case there is an attachment to the mail it must be ensured that it doesn’t look like a spam to the viewer.

It is no wonder that companies have realized the importance of cold emails because as we have seen a good cold email has the potential not only to increase revenue but also build brand awareness.


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Geet Mehr – Cofounder Sellulose

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