This is a series of post by a Rookies sales sharing his journey to be a sales professional

The Tribes 

As a sales enthusiast I have to find new ways to gain more knowledge, Accidentally, in, I found the one and only sales group in Bangalore, SALES ADDA. A sales community with a vision of having a real physical place for sales professions to discuss and share their problems and knowledge. It was not easy for a designer to fit into a sales group, the questions I kept asking was making everyone crazy…….all of them were blunders 

 If you are passionate about sale and want to improve constantly, be part of a sales group. The knowledge sharing is amazing according to me.  

 ” To go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” 

 The Wise 

Learn the Art of Consultative selling, it isn’t traditional sales-pitch and sign-on-the-dotted-line stuff. Nobody does that anymore. Consultative selling means researching a potential customer, understanding their needs and presenting a compelling solution.  

 Every month Sales Adda conducts meetups, inviting  experienced sales person to speak on a particular topic or about their sales journey.  I am fortunate enough to meet Gomathy Venkateshan from AppRams, Gopal Gera from Trans4m, Peri from SynUp, Prahkar Jain and Victor from WhatfixKesav Reddy from Minjar, Som G from Fusion Charts and  Girish bhatt from TechM 

 I  never understood the power of storytelling in breaking inertia, before meeting Gomathy. You will never know the reason why he tells some story, indirectly it all connected.  

After attending Gopal Gera’s two month workshop on Sales4StartupS, conducted for the first time in Bangalore by SaleS AddA, it was clear that sales are emotional, not logical. Understood the core reason of 5-star reviews in Amazon and testimonials in websites. 

 Usage Sales methodologies like SPIN, BAND, etc was confusing, but When Prakhar Jain explained it with a sample audio, it was like first you learn to play violin with rules then you play with your heart kind of stuff. It’s not necessary to follow exact method but combinations and a good understanding of methodologies make sales interaction easy. 

One advice, which I never want to forget in rest of my sales career is from Som G, “Always acknowledge the client”. If the client got a bad experience from your service/Product, acknowledge it, evaluate, respond and resolve the problem.   

Your Back pack 

To get a job is easy, but to get job under Master Shifu is a planned process. Here are few steps which I keep in mind when I apply for Job. 

Do good Research about the hiring firm

Examine the website of the company you want to join. Notice how they communicate about themselves, how they view their market, and whom they see as their primary customers. 

Use LinkedIn and online news stories to learn about key individuals in the hiring firm, especially those working in sales and marketing. Those are the people you’ll want to contact in order to land an interview. 

Write a Simple Cover letter. 

There is almost no skill more in demand in sales organizations than the ability to write an email that sets ups a meeting. It should explain in one or two sentences why the sales or marketing manager should interview you.  

The call to action here is the lowest possible barrier to starting an online conversation. Once you’re in an online conversation, ask for a telephone interview. You’re going for the lowest possible barrier to continuing the conversation. 

Don’t Be Desperate  

In an interview focus on the task at hand, which is not “getting the job,” but determining whether your capabilities and interests match the position you are exploring. The sophistication and professionalism of a company’s hiring process speak volumes about how they operate as a company. 

If the interviewer or the interview is sloppy and unprofessional, or if you’re treated with less respect than you deserve, you might want to reconsider whether you want to work for that company. 


The series to be continued…


The author 


Jojan George 

Has embarked on a journey to be a sales professionals and open to job opportunities


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