This is a series of post by a Rookies sales sharing his journey to be a sales professional

We all heard wonderful stories about people, few stayed in our memory few faded away. Very rarely we hear stories which motivate us to go further. In 2016 Dec when I was about to lose my hope of becoming a good salesman, I met a person called Madhusudhanan from Geon Studios Who was an animator for most of his early life’s, Took sales as his career, then became an associate for Sahara group of companies. He told “we may be just a few steps away from our goal, so never give up. If you think it’s not working out, change the method, escalate what you’re doing wrong, understand where you are weak, is it closing, handling objections etc…. ” Sales is one of the best careers which gives you instant incentives depending on your performance. If you perform well, within a month you can see a change in your payslip. From any vertical, you can land up in sales.

Is it easy to get into sales? If you are an MBA fresher, it is. Finding your dream job – often means changing industries and gaining experience. However, breaking into an industry is difficult if you don’t already have experience and contacts.

When people even avoid saying they are in sales, my passion towards sales kept increasing. After few search, I found out that there is no place in Bangalore to get trained in Sales. A place where you can ask sales related questions, get advice or even get a mentor. Only resources are, HubSpot blog, and LinkedIn.

The Dark Age

It all started a few years back while working for Tech Leap. Design Experience and Digital marketing was an amazing combination. In the process to acquire new clients, I had to start learning the art of sales in whatever way.

my first sales teacher and colleague Manikantan S V, a well-knowledged man in Digital marketing with years of experience in Sales. That experience helps him to make Digital marketing strategies exactly for lead generation. Manikantan has an amazing quality to identify the exact client needs and delivers solutions according to that.


“Never Hurt Customer Ego” Manikandan keeps repeating this most of the time and explains the same after every client meeting. The teachings from him were direct from his experience. “Never sell, help the client to improve.” “Outperform customer expectation, Nobody wants to be sold ”  Manikandan always reminded these as the mantras of Sales.

In sales never try to convince the client, it will end up in frustration and builds a high inertia. Hence, as a salesperson, your job is to understand the Situation by asking meaningful questions, Understand the client facing problems, how you can solve the problem, explain what are the advantages your service or product have, finally show him the output/profit you can produce. Be genuine, never over-commit, if there are limitations in particular section……admit it. It helps to build trust. It’s not the product/service but always the person sells. You are representing an entire company and product/Service, it’s your responsibility to showcase yourself as the best.

The series to be continued…


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Jojan George 

Has embarked on a journey to be a sales professionals and open to job opportunities


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