In my last session, we discussed on what sells? The brand or the Sales Professionals, and derived a new term or opportunity to think called Sales Process quality.

This time around on 13th May let’s talk about those marks or rather signatures which we all sales professionals have been leaving behind as a value add in a well-defined sales process irrespective of the company we worked for. Let’s say subconsciously.

Many companies believe that with a CRM in place they have set a process and thereby a culture is evolved. A CRM usually captures the events and developments as you transform a contact from Prospect P to a Customer C.

If all the companies could define and document how well a process will need to be followed, then imagine what kind of skill level would they expect in their sales team? A rule-breaking aggressive sniper kind of personnel who would populate the sales funnel or a one who would just follow the process and follow the rules…. Ideally what the companies will look for will be a Sales professional who would be a follower internally and rule breaker in the market. Possibly the reason why a few high performing sales professional stick to the same organization for a longer time.

Did I just say Sales Funnel? Well, its just an object or tool for others but for us sales professionals it’s a journey process …a milestone based approach that reassures and makes us dream.

With so much distance to cover as we win over a customer, I strongly believe we have ample scope to leave a mark behind as our signature…. How…. Let’s discuss this on May 13, 2017 (Saturday), at theGinserv starting 3.00pm Come over and let’s take yet another step towards the sales process quality  RSVP:


Sales expert:


Mr. Gomathy Venkateswaran
VP sales & marketing Euroclean Vacuum systems
Group manager – Wipro consumer care & lighting
National sales manager – Herman Miller
Ph.D. Research scholar