Who Built Taj mahal?
How many know that there was the renowned architect behind this building, not to mention the 1000’s of skilled labour that worked on the Mahal…..yet the monument is identified by the owner… does this ring a bell with relevance to the topic?

In the context of true B2B sales, the success of a brand truly lies in the success of the salesperson. The sales professionals invest himself/herself to introduce the product/solution to new customers, markets, build momentum and generate sales. This success in the marketplace leads to the creation of successful brands

The success of the salesperson is largely dependent on the business relationships, these may have been created in the past or new ones that may evolve. With brands maturing at an increasingly fast pace, it’s a must for a sales person to add value perennially in the process of growth even after the brand has matured. The result of this process is a cumulative gain or loss of relationship in and with the market

The Company would at hard times may or may not support the sales professional but life must move on. The business relationships created continue to exist and perhaps can be nurtured. Sales Professional can always find another brand to build

Some questions to ponder

  • The phrase AHAM BRAMHASMI- What it means for us as Sales professionals?
  • How would you introduce yourself?
  • How you as a brand would like to identify by your market?
  • Having said that what does the term your market mean?
  • What constitutes that market?
  • What are you known for in that market?
  • Is there a value that you can attach?
  • If it was a game of cricket what player would you identify yourself with based on your performance and dependency.

Does a solution exist? Yes, it does, well it might not be a magic wand to help you transform overnight. It is the product of a Quality Sales Process that allows the sales professionals to emerge as a brand.

Here is what you can expect on the late afternoon of April 8, 2017, while we derive the solution together

  • Understand the importance of quality in your own performance
  • Selling Vs Sales Management.
  • Worms that will weave a transformation within you may be fighting to find space in your mind
  • Help set up a self-rule for building your own brand.
  • Recheck your level of confidence.
  • Characterise success vs happiness
    Ingredients of a successful Sales Professional Brand.


Profile of author:


Mr. Gomathy Venkateswaran
VP sales & marketing Euroclean Vacuum systems
Group manager – Wipro consumer care & lighting
National sales manager – Herman Miller
Ph.D. Research scholar

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