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Social media has rewritten the rules of work and blurred the lines between personal and professional brands.

Some pointers on how to build your brand

Mind matter:
Brand is a mind set issue. One has to begin to think like a brand. Thought it may sound a little counter intuitive to think like a soap, shampoo or mobile phone, but it’s true, each person is a product with a brand.

Once the initial mind block is breached, the rest is more or less to do with right planning and consistent execution

Remember this is not a sprint a marathon that would last a life time, so be sincerer and genuine. Can’t fool everyone all the time

Know one-self and understand other’s view. What is the value one brings to the table. Have some candid conversations with friends and connections. It could be revealing. Having a better understanding of the “As-Is”, clearly define the “To-Be”. The action plan and timelines will follow quite naturally

Value is not a one time thing. It’s a continuous effort to bring value to every interaction. Be conscious, honest and candid with others and importantly with oneself.

The implication of ‘honest to oneself’ is that one should not shy away from change and re-inventing the value proposition continuously

Most sales person network, but mostly with people with in the industry or related to the industry and with good reason, they are under pressure to build their books, so it a contact does not contribute to the sales target, they are mostly ignored

Suggestion is to network like an entrepreneur, every contact, every conversation is an opportunity to a new idea, new thoughts, and especially new possibilities
Consciously make an effort to meet people from other industry. Try to understand their business and their issues

Networking is about giving and not asking. Discard the MFK mind set that is “Mera Faida Kya” (what’s my gain). I am not for a second suggesting that one shys away from asking. Shamelessly ask, but don’t begin the conversation with the MFK mindset. Again, as counter intuitive as it sounds, in networking the more one gives freely the more one receives

The simplest way to begin building a brand is to become active in a sales community. Contribute content, actively participate in events, present papers and meet people. Build a presence and make oneself known

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Praveen M