A Sales Person’s high is when they close a deal and bring in the PO. Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush at that time.

But the path to closure is fraught with obstacles of initial meeting, forming a relationship, dealing with roadblocks and clarifications, competitive discussion, negotiations, and finally closure. At the same time, the sales person has to keep an eye out on building a pipeline to close the next deal.

How does the sales person deal with all these challenges and form a relationship with the customer?

The tool is Social Media!

For a sales person, social media is a goldmine of information and if leveraged effectively can smoothen the process of sales closure and pipeline generation.

The entire session will be an interactive, open-ended discussion on Sales in the times of Social Media.

Location: Ginserv (Bangalore)


Kaushal Veluri – Kanso Consulting


20+ years in sales and marketing
Director Channel & Alliances – Citrix
Marketing Director – Citrix
Market Development Manager – Oracle
Marketing Manager – IBM