I am going to discuss two aspects in this article:

  1. Why I did not flip channels when the latest Bharti AXA Insurance TV commercial played 


  1. The Neuroscience of Sales

Also, they seem to be interconnected.

Let’s find out.

First, let’s deal with the “mystery” of the latest Bharti AXA TV commercial.

Why am I not picking up the TV remote and shifting channels and browsing through other content, especially when the latest Bharti AXA Insurance advertisement plays on TV?

Which is otherwise my typical response for any other Insurance commercial that clogs air- time, especially in the January-March quarter, when the Insurance brands go into overdrive.

Unlike others, the Bharti AXA TVC does not speak of any “better” percentages, higher money back, nor make a promise of “faster” claim settlement, “less” paperwork, etc. The annoying sales pitch adopted by most of the other Insurance TV commercials, which are based on the time-tested “facts and figures feature differentiation” vs. competition.


A somber mood is built right from the word go, from the first frame, where a grief struck lady appears in a white sari. (BTW, I am a big fan of Renuka Shahane who has done a brilliant job, as the protagonist, in conveying the emotions without a single spoken word). The storyboard primarily highlights the tough times – post the bereavement of a dear one in the family – and how Bharti AXA is helping in making those critical moments a little easier. With this launch, the brand is taking a positioning that goes beyond being a mere claim settler in the toughest moment of need.

As a pioneering step & being the first of its kind in this category, with ‘Grief Support Program,’ the brand promises the family (of the bereaved) to get psychological support through counseling sessions from trained professionals.

This non-traditional, (non-Insurance like) approach to appealing to the emotions and painting a picture of the awful situation post the bereavement of a loved one, strikes the right emotional chord and makes the sales pitch very endearing indeed.

It caught my attention. Moreover, it also stopped me from switching TV channels.

This approach made the brand stand out from the other “dull” offerings of competition. Also, more importantly, Bharti AXA climbed to the top of my mind, on brand positioning in this product category. However, how did this happen?

When you read about the next aspect, it will not be a “mystery” anymore as to why the brand climbed to the top of my consideration list.

As mentioned earlier, the second aspect that I am going to discuss with you is about “The Neuroscience of Sales.”

Which essentially means that we are discussing the brain.



Brain: that sole organ of the human being – where the sacred “Sale” is lost or won.

Being a self-confessed, bad (score) student of Biology/Zoology, let me avoid the twisted nomenclature details and plainly list the three parts of the brain as the outer, inner and base regions of the brain. Again, to keep it simple, the primary & basic functions of these three parts of the brain are:

* The Outer brain is responsible for logic, analytical thought, processing facts and figures and also responsible for learning languages. This part can be mostly called the “thinking brain.”

* The Inner brain is responsible for emotions, our social interactions, memory, and all the senses. Not just a store place for all our sensory experiences but also about how we “feel” about our experiences. The inner brain is the “feeling brain.”

* The Base brain or the stem brain is responsible for the actions that we involuntarily take for keeping us in safety, avoidance of pain and danger, survival and activities like breathing and balance. This part of the brain is called the “instinctive brain.”

As on date, enough (Neuroscience) research has been done and results documented to show that a sale is concluded or a brand preference is made FIRST in the inner part or the “feeling brain” and later rationalized in the outer “thinking brain,” with the associated facts and figures.

This finding is an important point to note, for all of us as sales professionals.

Now what this means is, for any potential customer, the core decision-making process starts with the inner “feeling” part of the brain before the logic & rationale of feature comparison takes over.

So was it surprising that I was flipping through all the other typical (boring) Insurance ads that indulged in some form of feature comparison that tried to appeal to my outer “thinking brain”?. However, I chose to stick around watching the Bharti AXA TV commercial which appealed to my “feeling brain,” with the endearing visualization & emotional pitch and converted me into a potential customer.

While it is essential to get the “F-A-B” (feature-advantage-benefits”) grid for your product/ service right on the money, it is more important for the brand to do enough research to understand the psychographic profile of its prospects to deliver the value proposition in an endearing way. In this manner, the brand could appeal to the emotions and gain the crucial trust element so that your prospect is not reaching for the TV remote while your TVC starts to play.

There are other nuances involved as well.

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