Personal brand:

The term branding has long been relegated to companies, but today almost everyone is already  a brand, perhaps one just didn’t cultivate it censoriously or even recognize it. Every thing one does or did not, speaks or did not speak out, wears,…etc all adds up to create an positioning for in the receiver’s mind. It does not mean the positioning is the same across all audiences, but it exists. Therefore the brand in some form exists

This concept extends to the professional realm too

The question is not if one has a personal brand, but if one chooses to consciously guide and cultivate the brand

Professional brand & sales:

I believe sales is scientific, with data, analytics, process, sales capacity, value assessment and so on, companies that have mastered these would certainly equip their sales professionals to perform better. Having stated the above, a significant chunk of selling (B2B & B2C) involves “people buying people first”. So all things being equal a sales person with a better professional brand would be in a better position to create a favorable outcome

Professional brand extends further then the brand of suit or pen one is using, it involves knowledge of the market, the product, personal integrity, thought leadership, reputation in market –  for being fair, honest, multi-cultural sensitivity, and so on

Over last few months, in my conversations with senior sales professionals (>15 years work experience) the issue of “personal & professional brand” has been a recurring theme.  Having pursued sales targets for most of their professional life, they have either neglected or failed to realize the significance of a professional brand. Now having stepped out of the corporate world to purse an entrepreneurial or more so a consulting gig, they are learning the hard lesson that they over estimated their value and brand. At best it only extends to a handful of people. They regret not cultivating professional brand

Social media has rewritten the rules of work and blurred the lines between personal and professional brands. An authentic exercise in defining, developing, and communicating one’s brand could be an interesting,  perhaps even an exercise in self discovery

To be continued..





Praveen M