There is an old saying, that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. In our  (sales persons) case, we go to workshops to improve our selling skills.

But, programs focussed on Sales only are few and far between and if they are there, it is quite expensive too. Fortunately, SalesAdda is not only good, it is FREE too!

For some of us, still not signed up, here are some question to ponder

What is the number 1 objection from your customer or client ?

What is the answer to this objection.

Similarly, how do you close the sale and at what “moment” or moments ?
Ans… My closing is typically, when the customer says ….. or ….

During the past few days, weeks or months, did you lose out an important Sales ?

Have you analysed to find out why ? Probably yes, if so, then you may have found the answer to close more sales in the next few days/weeks/ months

If you have analysed the reason for the loss, but want to know a framework, under which you will not only anticipate the possible objections or reasons for not buying, but are equally prepared for it, then you will be better prepared to close more sales in the future.

If you would like to know more about these types of very common challenges and simple ways of overcoming them, then this 2 hours or so, this saturday will be well spent.

Look forward to seeing you with your objections and closes !

All it takes is 2 hours of your time today (saturday) at SalesAdda.

Are you coming to the SalesAdda or are you going to a movie ?


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