Why sales is a great career option

Most people I have come across in sales have wandered into sales because it does not require any professional qualification and it is by far the most advertised job position. Many stick it out and make a career out of it and others move on to other occupations because either they do not consider it as a career option or because they are unable to handle the pressure.

So, is sales a good career option?

Speaking for myself, I can vouch for the fact that it is a great career option. I have been in sales and marketing for all of my 36+ years in working life and have thus far had a very fulfilling experience. It has given me recognition, growth and money, besides the thrill of meeting new people and trying to convince them about your idea or product. Every sales meeting has been a new experience, because sales is all about people. Different people have different views and ideas and to be successful you have to be on top of your game. This requires constant learning.

As a sales person you are the front-face and ambassador of your company. This gives you a slight advantage over other employees in the organization. Since you are the direct link between the company and the customer, you are perceived as more equal among others. Your efforts have direct impact on the company’s performance and growth. The company too recognizes this and judges you by a different yardstick. This is not to say that other departments do not play any role or get adequate recognition from the company. They do. But sales people are a slightly more molly coddled lot only because of the significance of their role and the pressures that come with the job.

Because of the significance that sales has to any organization, the sales person is constantly judged and his performance benchmarked. Sales people do not get much leeway when it comes to performance as that would seriously impact the company’s performance. The pressure is constantly on to ensure consistent achievement of targets. Not achieving targets is definitely frowned upon and consistent poor performance can even lead to serious action.

By the same yardstick, good performance is also rewarded handsomely. All sales people have a good commission plan as part of their remuneration, plus other bonuses like company paid holidays, paid entertainment with family and many other such incentives, which people in other functions are normally not entitled to. So it’s a sort of ‘work hard, play hard’ culture. With a clear cut commission structure, you can plan your life, knowing how much you could end-up earning in a given year or quarter. Planning and acquiring that house, car or piece of jewellery becomes less daunting.


In terms of career growth too, sales presents many opportunities for career advancement. In fact, many CEO’s of top companies started their career in sales. From front-line sales and sales management to regional, national and cross-border responsibilities, the road is wide open for the ambitious sales person who wants to make a career in sales.

For those who doubt their own capabilities and wonder if they will ever be successful in sales, as they have never sold anything in their life, my standard response is … Yes you can! You forget that you are forever selling in your daily life. Caught by the traffic cop you get into serious selling mode to

get yourself out of the situation. Trying to get a better discount from a shopkeeper is also a form of selling. When you want something from someone, the various reasons and arguments that you come up with to get what you want is also selling.

So, you are selling every single day and selling comes naturally to all of us. It is left up to you to recognize this fact and harness that power of persuasion that you were born with and turn it into a successful career option.

Have a great sales career!


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