In today’s world, almost everyone needs to “sell” a product or a service to another person on a daily basis. Whether the media of communication is face to face or digital. Whether the other person is a family member, friend or a business partner or even to the boss! (Wife/ GF included here)

Some of us have stumbled into a sales role during our career. Few people have actually chosen “selling” as a career by choice. Yet, very few of us have actually studied the “art and science” of selling during our education.

The prospect of approaching strangers and selling them product or service is far too daunting for most people. Consequently, many a rookie or fresh sales person has quit the profession. It has serious consequences for companies that invest in these sales persons.

Selling does not have to be daunting for the sales person and certainly not a serious issue for companies

Core Offering:
Retail Gurukul has developed a unique magic formula “better S.E.R.V.I.C.E.S = More SALES “, which can be used by almost anybody to “Sell” their products or services with appropriate modifications to suit their style and situation.

The essence of the magic formula is… if you want to make a sale, learn to handle the objection raised by the client, build on the relationship created and keep it going, then you need a template where you will cover all the points that you would want to cover, if possible. Or there is another day and time to cover the leftover points too, because you have built a relationship with your customer

One of our retailer clients, has been consistently training his large retail team on using this formula and have since been able to improve their “ticket size” by about 8 %, by keeping suitable products in stock and adding on other products in the basket of purchase. This was made possible by using the template to cover the point on “add on sales” in the sales process

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