When your presentation has always been about your product and your company, you will follow a presentation flow that suits the information that you are going to share. A typical presentation will have …. ‘Agenda’ …. About Us’ …. ‘Product or Service’ …. ‘Q&A’.

Trust me when I say, even today I see a lot of presentations that follow the above flow. How boring can this be?! Especially for someone who sees such presentations from various vendors on a daily basis! Haven’t many of our presentations started with the lead person in the audience saying right at the outset ‘Gentlemen, can we finish this fast, as we have another meeting to go to’?? Why? Because they know what to expect … which is exactly what I have said above.

You need to make your presentation such that the audience sits up and takes notice.

Instead of talking about your product, you could start with the customer’s business or business process and set of challenges as you have understood. That would help to wake up an already bored audience.

For example, if your product is some sort of productivity tool, then it may make business sense to state the productivity improvement that your product would enable, as a unit of measure, in your first slide. Then follow it up with how your product will help to achieve this magic number in the rest of the slides.

Or if it is a service, then how your service delivery mechanism will affect each stage of the customer’s business process that it addresses and what are the business benefits that the customer can accrue in terms of savings on time, people and money.

If you are able to provide measurable benefits then it clearly displays the level of understanding you have for the customer’s business and how you have mapped each stage of the business to bring about improvements or enhancements that would lead to better business for the customer.

All of this would be possible if you have deep knowledge of the customer’s business and I can assure you, whatever the competition may throw at the customer, you will always be top-of-mind and will be given the right of first refusal by the customer.


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The author, Srikanth Vasuraj, is a Business Consultant focused on helping start-ups to grow. He can be reached at +91-98454 78585 or srikanth@nodiva.co.in . For more information please visit www.nodiva.co.in .