Sales is my Career Option: how many of you think it with complete conviction, belief and are strong willed to counter any contradictions coming your way.

Sales is one of the most critical functions in any organization – irrespective of their kind of business (Product / Service / Manufacturing / Process / Retail / ….) or size (Large Conglomerate / Enterprise / Mid size / SME’s…..). It’s criticality lies from the fact that it is one of the key Line of Business function which brings in Revenue & assures Profitability.

It is a high risk – high stake function, as performance measurement is in Binary – you either WIN the sale or you LOSE it… it is target driven and gets associated with aggressive Incentives and Bonuses to the worthy and performers. CEO of any organization is First a Sales Person before being responsible for other activities.

This career option is always on the radar – professionals / individuals who thrive on Continuous Learning, Networking, Communication and building Relationship normally take this career route to attain success and happiness.

A sales professional considers every known variable, understands the risks involved, plans well, prepares risk mitigation strategies and learns to deal with unanticipated / unexpected eventualities. This requires a sharp and alert mind with a mature emotional quotient.

The market is ever evolving, constantly throwing up new challenges. The sales professionals are considered to be most adaptable to Change of any kind – in fact they relish the uncertainty. Continuous Learning is integral and key to survival.

Travelling around – Commuting is a large part of any sales professional’s life. A Positive Mind and Healthy Body with high energy level are thus mandated…. Think about it… this is one career option which pushes you to be always Healthy so that you can achieve desired Success & Happiness.

Being savvy in using Computers and associated applications (viz., CRM, MS Office,…) is not an option.

Customers Buy on Relationship they strike with Sales Professionals – whom they want to regard as one of their Trusted Adviser.

Persistence, Perseverance, Perspiration and Pursuit to Excel – if you relate to these and if you aspire to have your career on the Fast Track…. THINK Sales as your Career Option.


Profile of author:


29 as a Professional heading Businesses of varied MNC’s &  6 years as Entrepreneur working to Empower Minds

Vice President – IBM,  Managing Director (India & SAARC) – F5 Networks,  Managing Director (India)  – Borland Software, Executive Director (SAARC) – Novell