Does a person’s professional value increase if  she /he is an MBA?

If “professional value” means better job and salary prospects then please continue reading else skip directly to “Some qualifiers”

Entry level jobs

In India during the last decade many (non-engineering) entry and perhaps even mid-management positions, the filter to strain potential candidates is a post graduate certificate. To that extent having a MBA would certainly increases professional value


All things being equal – that is the performance, aptitude, attitude and so on, the post graduate certificate could make the difference between a promotion or pass over


Post graduate certificates certainly command a better entry level pay then a graduate, though as one raises up the pecking order the MBA may not be so significant important

Some qualifiers:

Performance and aptitude – no qualification can replace results

Attitude and work ethic – The right work ethic with an attitude that suits the organization / market / role is invaluable

Organisation – The organizational policy and culture also makes a difference, for instance I recall the CEO of an Electrical equipment company clearly stating that he will never recruit an MBA. He was an entrepreneur and preferred graduates, because they worked harder to prove themselves

Institute – The certificate by itself though valuable, the institute / university makes a difference both at entry level position and future growth (especially salary). There’s a pecking order even among the IIM’s – so a IIM (A) is higher up the pecking order then a IIM (L)

Type of course – a Full time course is considered better then a part time course or an executive course

My opinion:

Though I am MBA,  have a healthy dis-respect for the MBA certificate (immaterial of the institute). For some reason, MBA’s carry the attitude that they are entitled to a job or promotion or more $$. So if the certificate is not accompanied with the right attitude, and work ethic, it does not add to much. I have over looked many a MBA to recruit graduates who fit better

Skills can be taught and knowledge can be shared, but wrong attitude – I will not invest energy to deal with that