Sales leaders, how do you feel about a rep who is hitting quotas but has low activity numbers?

Assumption: B2B sales. New business. Individual contribution not channel sales. Activity = funnel strength

The fact that the rep is hitting quotas is full credit to the rep

Action for the sake of action (like a headless chicken) is a waste of time, resources & $$ for all concerned, however as a sales leader low activity could be symptoms of impending issues

If the organization is providing the sales leads generated by the marketing team or lead generation team, low level of activity perhaps indicates that leads are not being qualified or evaluated thoroughly. It can turn out to be expensive, not to mention the opportunity cost

If the sales rep is managing the entire sales cycle (lead to close). Low level of activity could indicate the health of the funnel is poor. Immaterial of the quality of leads and skill of the rep, probability will catch up sooner or later, so certain bare minimum number of leads are mandatory

In case of enterprise sales opportunities, which is typically account based sales, sale cycles are long and many small serial as well as parallel activities(meeting decision makers, influencers, demos, POC,..) lead up to a final contract. Low activity in an account is very worrying because any loss of opportunity could make a big dent in the annual team quota

Sales reps are not only tasked with job of meeting their quotas but also monitoring and nurturing the market. An excellent sales rep will inherently know that, so her/his activity will never be low